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McKinsey Digital Transformation: How Bots & Humans Can Work Together

The McKinsey digital transformation stresses the need for humans to be cooperating well with bots. 

Bots are helpful and innovative by nature. But how can humans deliver better Bots performance?

The Bot Dilemma

Instances are, Bots are ‘falling short of their potential’. Various factors contribute to Bots inefficiency. Maintenance needs and the complexity of implementation, for instance.

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But could there be ways that humans can help? 

McKinsey Digital Transformation: Ways Humans Can Work Together With Bots

Consider the following ways that the Mckinsey digital transformation advises.

1. Building The Right Team With The Right People

Do you know how RPA can deliver results as early as in a few weeks?

This is highly possible through a ‘right implementation’. RPA can deliver better process quality while reducing costs up to 80%. But these results can only be possible with the right RPA implementation.


With the right set of expertise built on teams.

Leaders should have realistic expectations.

Good RPA leaders know how to reasonably set expectations with RPA. Otherwise, teams can experience difficulties in handling resources. Team members may also lose heart out of unmet expectations. Targeting ROIs, for instance.

Thus, leaders need to gain a deep understanding of technology. As a result, they can then see the difference between quick wins and full-scale implementations.

Besides, being reasonable can also help the team kept motivated. Besides, this can influence how the allocating of resources goes accordingly.

Teams should be aware of the Bots maintenance.

Bots are usually inefficient due to the lack of maintenance. This is because companies usually rely on third-parties for quick Bots development.

However, although third-parties can indeed manage the bots accordingly. But, on-premises maintenance is also crucial. For example, crucial maintenance and upgrades.

So there should be experts in the team that should be aware enough about this. These may include knowledge about the original code, process design, or assumptions. These factors are especially crucial for the Bot to function accurately.

Why is this important?

Because negligence in this regard often leads to more time spent on maintenance. Thus reducing the expected benefits of RPA for the business transformation.

2. Good Governance Is The Key

Although Bots are indeed designed to be flexible and easy to use. But users should not undermine its limitations too. Because this misunderstanding usually leads to misuse of Bots. 

This is why it is vital to employ good governance of Bots. Good governance should clearly state the do’s and dont’s of using Bots.

Set Clear RPA Ownership

Why is RPA ownership important?

Because usually, departments may have misunderstandings of the Bots usage. The question lingers, “who owns the Bot?”.

Automation teams may claim it is theirs. While the business may also claim that it is theirs. 

But with clear governance, Bots ownership can be explicit and transparent. Thus avoid unnecessary delays and bot underperformance.

In line with this, some factors should be considered.

For example:

  • Process complexity
  • Implementation
  • Overall business impact
  • Maintenance 
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A Deeper Look At Digital Transformation Officer

The number of companies appointing a chief digital transformation officer (CTO) grows rapidly. Let’s find out more about this CTO role.

The reason why companies create that role? Drive change and growth.

What Is A Chief Digital Transformation Officer?

The role name is abbreviated as CTO, not to be confused with the Chief Technology Officer. It is a C-suite position responsible for implementing organizational changes. Furthermore, the purpose of those changes is to drive new growth. 

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For instance, both logistics group UPS and luxury retailer Neiman Marcus appointed their first-ever CTOs in November 2018. Here are a few of their responsibilities:

  • Commercialize new ideas
  • Spearhead growth initiatives
  • Facilitate change management

Afterward, another US retailer also appointed their first CTO in January 2019. The CTO is responsible for developing strategic initiatives for the 116-year-old company.

Such positions are not entirely new. However, digital transformation (DT) leadership positions grow because of the increasing digital disruptions across all industries. Furthermore, research by DBT Center reported that more than 75% of executives now believe that disruptions will bring major changes to their respective companies.

This shows that digital transformation runs at a very fast pace. Moreover, executives feel their impact more lately.

Key Tasks Of A Chief Digital Transformation Officer

A CTO must be prepared to directly oversee or facilitate the following tasks. That is to successfully mobilize resources and enable connections.

Customer journey mapping

A CTO must understand how the customer journey impacts mapping and analysis. Furthermore, the CTO) must regularly assess himself/herself on creating innovative ideas. They must continuously think of ways on how to better connect with consumers. Moreover, a CTO is responsible for developing ways of providing smoother customer service.

Business architecture

A CTO maps how the resources of companies relate to one another. The CTO also ensures he/she has a deep understanding of the roles of each team and individuals. Hence, the CTO can better orchestrate the resources needed when change is necessary.

Communications and training

CTOs are also teachers. They develop ways on how to effectively train employees on DT. Furthermore, a CTO educates the company members on why the company needs to transform. A CTO educates members of all levels of the organization.

Internal venture funding

CTOs are also responsible for setting up funds for digital transformation. They create persuasive reports for stakeholders. Furthermore, the stakeholders must realize that the investment for DT is worth it.

Business model design

A CTO must well understand customer expectations. Moreover, the CTO must have insights into what the customer will pay for. Hence, a solid foundation in competitive intelligence is a must for this task. 

Capability assessment

A CTO assesses the readiness and availability of the organization’s resources. The CTO also identifies the capability gaps before those gaps create damages. Hence, this results in prioritizing investments to close the gaps.


If your company recently appointed a chief digital transformation officer, strive in building a strong rapport. That is between the CTO role and division and functional leaders. The job titles and roles might be different. But all leaders have one goal for DT. That is to have a successful DT that will generate more revenue and make the consumers happier. 

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Digital Transformation Blog Worth Reading

People have different reactions when they hear the words “digital transformation”. A digital transformation blog gives us invaluable insight.

Digital transformation (DT) includes incorporating digital technologies into all organizational aspects. Furthermore, DT greatly transforms business processes and how they serve clients. Yet, DT is not a one-time process. Thus, it is a continuous process and companies must measure their progress regularly. 

Hence, DT is a must for all businesses regardless of their size. Saying “DT is a must for survival” is not an understatement – it is a fact. Indeed, DT is a complex process. However, it gives immeasurable benefits both for the organization and the clients they serve. 

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Best Blogs To Follow About Digital Transformation

Reading a digital transformation blog helps us better understand DT.  A digital transformation blog provides updated insights about DT. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the list for you. Take note that this list is in no particular order.

Forrester Blogs: “Challenge Thinking. Lead Change

Leading a DT process is a heavy responsibility. Hence, Forrester helps technology and business leaders such as chief information officers. Moreover, Forrester provides insights on how to develop “customer-obsessed strategies”. Furthermore, the blogs by Forrester guide leaders to deal with advanced changes brought by DT.

Axway Blogs

Want to stay updated on the latest digital business transformation trends? The Axway Blog is the way to go. Moreover, Axway delivers the latest industry trends and news related to DT. Furthermore, Axway provides insights and covers interesting topics like:

  • Agile approaches to integration
  • Shadow IT
  • Digital transformation in healthcare

Starcio Blogs

Written by Isaac Sacolick, Starcio Blogs focuses on:

  • Agile development
  • Big data
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing

Sacolick is a top 100 social CIO and digital transformation leader. Furthermore, his DT blogs are one of the most insightful and helpful on this list.

Centric Digital Blogs

Centric Digital dominates the DT industry. Hence, the company reshapes business models and customer experiences. Moreover, they help traditional businesses to grow in the digital era.

Informatica Blogs

Informatica is a leading provider of data management solutions. The company specializes in cloud, hybrid environments. Meanwhile, the blogs they publish provides DT and leadership tips for CIOs. Furthermore, Informatica Blogs are helpful both for CIOs looking to start the process or ensure that DT goes smoothly.

Cisco Blogs: “Tomorrow Starts Here”

The digital world has a very promising future that contains many huge opportunities. Cisco helps businesses seize those opportunities. Moreover, the company proves that amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected. Furthermore, Cisco blogs also gesture innovative businesses and leaders to guide readers.

MuleSoft Blogs

MuleSoft breaks the norm in how the world connects data and applications. Their blogs analyze every angle of digital transformation. Their blogs focus on the implied impacts of DT on revenue to recent trends. If you are looking for an in-depth digital transformation blog, MuleSoft is the way to go.

Plainview Blogs

Planning digital transformation is tough but driving it is totally another issue. Plainview helps organizations drive results. They optimize the capacity of economic resources and the capacity of people. Furthermore, their blogs are plenty of info and tips that help CIOs drive DT.

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Top Digital Transformation Services Provider

Why do you need digital transformation services? Well, the digital transformation is trending. I’m pretty sure you need one. If you’re looking for a digital transformation service, we will help you.

Every one of us needs to improve. The good thing is that the digital transformation age is here. Also, it can help us a lot.

Yet, it’s hard to choose a digital partner to help us with our goal.

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Moreover, organizations should consider taking advantage of digital transformation services.

Because of this, we’ve gathered different options to help you in that regard.


Trianz’s building blocks are:

  • Data
  • Perspective
  • Knowledge
  • Research

These things help clients to transition to a digital enterprise.

Also, they will improve the cloud and analytics standard. Also, the digital, infrastructure, and security standards.

Moreover, it offers guidance and support for businesses that intend to transform.


They offer digital transformation solutions.

The digital transformation solution includes in-depth analytics. As a result, you’ll better understand the current weaknesses in your organization.

Moreover, you’ll have access to many tools. This includes tools for mobility, IoT, AI, and also other transforming technologies.

Publicis Sapient

They help improve customer value and drive operational effectiveness. Also, they help you increase your performance.

Moreover, this brand focuses on partnering with its clients. Also, to deliver immersive digital transformation experiences.

Besides, the business know-how your venture works before suggesting solutions.


Technimove helps to transform companies’ plans for the next level in their strategy. Also, the company offers:

  • technical delivery services
  • support project and program management
  • discovery and analysis


It allows your business to embrace:

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Moreover, Genpact offers clients access to a team of transformation consultants.

These Genpact specialists will check the prevailing state of your company. Then, they will decide which steps you need to take to change and solve problems at scale.


This is a large digital company. Also, it offers everything from digital design services to consultation.

Moreover, companies can find all the assistance for digital transformation. Also, expertise.

Furthermore, Cognizant designs and engineers digital products. This is to drive a digital-first business.

Additionally, the company offers some of the most complete digital engineering expertise available. Thus, helping their clients transform legacy applications into modern tools.

Also, this platform is perfect for companies seeking to improve their core infrastructure.

Cognizant offers endless tools for sustainable innovation.


  • The organization provides the digital transformation advice you need
  • And it offers you the support you need
  • It helps businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Prepare different businesses for the changing trends in their environment
  • Deloitte uses its state-of-the-art innovation lab as part of its transformation method.


  • Uses digital transformation consultation and cloud-based solutions
  • Helps companies to stay competitive
  • They believe that companies need consistency in their planning strategy
  • You can access everything from expert guidance and implementation support.
  • You can bring your digital transformation campaign to life
  • They offer exceptional consultation for digital transformation initiatives
  • Provides managed services to simplify your journey into the cloud too
Digital Adoption Expert Digital Adoption Manager

Digital Adoption Expert/Consultant: What Is It?

Digital adoption has what it takes to enhance every companies production and profits sales, which is possible with the help of Digital Adoption Expert or Consultant. Check out this post to find out more about this interesting role.

What Is a Digital Adoption Expert/Consultant?

As Digital Adoption Expert/Consultant, technology adoption consultants can bill themselves as digital transformation specialist. Also, these experts can include a sub-service of digital adoption consultancy.

In other words, digital adoption consultants or experts give practical information or guide to your digital adoption platform or team. Thus, it makes the process of digital transformation smoother and more effective. 

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Roles And Responsibilities

Digital Adoption Expert/Consultant works out integrating programs and existing value-added activities in a strong collaboration in representatives of the customer management and technical services department. They also help potential and current customers ’embarking activities.

That is achieved by recognizing organizational priorities and working with the professional services department to align them with their strategic strategy and comprehensive deliverables.

These specialists are responsible for designing comprehensive proposals for the programs. And operating processes to maintain responsibility for achievements and job results through the project team

They frequently generate detailed weekly progress updates and contact schedules with corporate partners and project managers both internally and externally. Digital Adoption Expert/Consultant is in charge of defining and minimizing deployment threats.

They always maintain a profound knowledge of the market, strategic goals and problems of your clients to place yourself as a trustworthy expert and consultant.

What Is Digital Adoption?

Digital adoption is a mechanism through which an individual learns the capacity to learn modern technologies completely and to execute digital processes effectively for different purposes. Digital adoption is a process of transition and understanding.

It helps individuals to recognize, embrace and use digital tools to accomplish their goals. To use any technology to automate processes and to accelerate creativity.

To allow true digital adoption, the accessibility and value of digital processes must be understood

Furthermore, they need to recognize the function of digital trials and the reasons behind the transition and be completely incorporated into the new features of mobile applications.

The key explanation, though, is for you to schedule your changes. You don’t track keywords to find openings, you don’t configure the software to save you money, you don’t set up colleagues to handle various users, etc. throughout the squad.

A growing platform for social media management has its collection of functionality, but the argument here is that digital penetration is not achieved in this case.

More Info

The resource is usable, but it is not completely used by the customer. On the other side, a company that has this technology and utilizes it entirely will only make use of all the digital adoption and capabilities, if they have global acceptance.

Virtualization can also be used in another context. This is from the consumer.

In certain situations, an agency or corporation will choose to educate its users to know how to utilize its digital goods, so it is becoming more available with the technologies.