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Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0. What is the relation between these two? Let us get to know that in this article. So, keep on reading.

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Digital transformation is a process of change in the digital arena of an enterprise. It is a transition of businesses to be effective in the digital world. Also, it is about changing the business model of an organization to create new business opportunities. It is about transforming existing business models and migrating them to more secure, efficient, and high-performing models. It is about evolving digitalization across all aspects of business operations.

But what is Industry 4.0? It is a process of digitization in a factory. It is a concept of combining advanced manufacturing technology, smart devices, and big data to power the manufacturing processes.

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Industry 4.0 is all about digitalization. It is an era of automation, connectivity, and intelligence. In this era, machines can talk with each other, analyze data and make instant decisions. Also, we can now access from anywhere in the world for remote monitoring and control. In this era, machines don’t need humans to maintain them as they can self-repair themselves.

So what is the relation between Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0?

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0: The Relation

Digital transformation is the path to Industry 4.0. For an organization to move towards Industry 4.0 it needs to undergo transformation first. Before digital transformation can happen there needs to be a business case for it. The organization needs to have a proper strategy for digitalization which will help in getting maximum ROI from it.

But what is so special about Industry 4.0? Why do we need it? In this era of Industry 4.0. automation has become very important. This is compared to earlier eras where human labor was more important than automation for production purposes. So, in an era of Industry 4.0, you need less human intervention. So, it means lesser human labor which resulted in a high cost of production and low production efficiency.

Further, Industry 4.0 makes products smarter by adding sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) elements into them. So that they can track their own operations and status which results in better quality control and increased efficiency. This is compared to products that were produced without any sensors or IoT elements in them. One that is only available through human supervision and labor monitoring alone with low quality and high-cost products and services.

Also, Industry 4.0 n faster production of products and services. This is done through automation and the use of intelligent machines which can operate at a much higher speed than humans.


Digital transformation is the path to Industry 4.0. It is a process of change in the digital arena of an enterprise. So what do you think about Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0? What are your views on this subject? What other applications of IoT are helping Industry 4.0 today? Also, what do you think will happen in the future?

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