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Digital Transformation as a New Industrial Revolution

Digital transformation as a new industrial revolution is now a reality. It is now causing waves of changes that are shaking the way we live and work today. How so? Find out below.

Digital Transformation as a New Industrial Revolution

Before the digital transformation, companies were focused on incremental improvements. And the form of transformation in digital transformation is disruptive. Its rise sent rumblings around the world, forcing all industries to think about their future and how they would compete in a new era. 

Further, it raises a lot of interest from people and companies, especially those who have been affected by technology. As a result, the internet is rife with articles that discuss this phenomenon.

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The transformation has matured and is now ubiquitous. It’s obvious when you visit any country’s largest cities. There are tall buildings everywhere, as well as cars, billboards, advertisements, and anything else you can think of that has been digitized or automated.

Additionally, what’s more, interesting is that the transformation has gone beyond simply improving existing products and services. It is now also a new industrial revolution. Technology will not only cause changes in society but also change the way we do business. So, it will continue to revolutionize society into new ways of living and working that we can only imagine now.

Although there are many problems in today’s society and everyone seems to have their complaints, there are many more people who are optimistic about the potential of technology to change our lives for the better. They believe that technology can:

  • create more jobs than it destroys; 
  • it can be used to help with healthcare; 
  • it can improve education;
  •  lead to better living conditions;
  • drive economic growth;
  • make planning for retirement easier; and
  • it can improve how businesses operate

Society has already seen just how much impact technology has had on our lives. And the journey is a natural process that no one can stop. Because technology is evolving at a pace that’s faster than humans can keep up with.

How to Do the Right Digital Transformation

Not everyone doing the journey succeeds. So, it is important to understand how digital transformation is done the right way. Here are some things to do when embarking on this journey:

  • People – To avoid failure, it is important to start with the right people. Organizations need to select employees that are passionate about technology and can drive innovation along with their business leaders.
  • Technology – Technology is at the heart of digital transformation. It is important to select the right technology for the right goals and build a value chain that is based on technology. 
  • Process – The next step after selecting the right technology is to improve processes, such as supply chains and sales channels. This will help businesses achieve the goals they set out for themselves. 
  • Culture – The third step is to change the culture. This involves introducing new ways of thinking, doing, and living into your organization’s culture. This will alter how you do business and create new products and services that customers want and need.


This new industrial revolution has sent rumblings through almost every market, forcing organizations to change how they operate to survive and thrive in the digital age.

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Know the factors affecting employee performance

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