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Digital Transformation Culture: A Key Driver

Digital transformation culture is a key driving force for the journey. This is important because the journey does not happen on its own.

There needs to be someone to start it. Then people to support and make this into reality. So, that is why culture is vital. It can drive digital transformation (Dx).

 But how can companies do that? If you are wondering, keep on reading.

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Digital Transformation Culture

Share Vision and Make a Shared Goal

When companies and everyone in it share the same vision and goal, they are limitless. So, it vital that all from the C-Suite down to every staff work in the same direction.

If they succeed in this, friction and resistance will not happen. So, how can companies do this?

For employees to work in the same direction, leaders need to share their vision. So, it is not enough to work with a team of leaders

What they need to do is to work with their employees. Letting them know the hows and whys of the Dx. If they do this, employees will feel valued.

So, when they get the point and share the same vision and goal, they will work hard to make sure the Dx is a success.

Freedom is Key

True it may sound scary for leaders to give their people the freedom to choose and decide. But when they do this, they tend to reap good results.

Employees will be more creative. Then, they can focus on more crucial areas. When they do so, new techs will come to better the processes.

Also, during the Dx, there will be parts where all from the top going down will need to make a decision. So, giving them the freedom to make their own will empower them.

You never know, there might be bright ideas hiding somewhere. This will nurture the culture of creativity and innovation. Both vital to doing Dx.

Outside Suggestions Can Help

Going outside the company walls can be helpful in doing Dx. There only a few room for growth if leaders only live under the company umbrella.

So, it is vital to note suggestions and influences from outsiders. Then, they need to have an open mind. Learn from what is around them, they find new techs.

It is not always bad to ask for help and look for good suggestions once in a while.

Don’t Shoulder All the Decision-Making

Leaders make good decisions. But good leadersĀ distribute the decision-making. Employees are the ones on the front lines facing the customers.

So, of course, they know better about what works or what does not. Thus, companies are wise to give them some decision-making powers.

When they do, their company can grow faster. Now is not the time to hog all decision-making if they want growth.

Also, it can make a culture of trust and openness. One that is very valuable and can’t be bought with money.

Culture is Key

So, we now see why culture is vital in driving Dx. The right culture means the right journey. Do you agree?

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