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Digital Transformation Gartner: Customer Experience (CX) Mistakes

What can we learn from the digital transformation Gartner? Here we will outline what Gartner teaches about the three common customer experience mistakes. 

By the end of this article, you will learn how to deliver a better customer experience. Thus, avoid the pitfalls that will lead to failures. Waste of investments, losing efforts and resources, for example.

The Digital Transformation Core: Customer Experience (CX)

This is a common and general fact: customer experience is a must in motivating digital transformation.

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We know that. Businesses do.

But, how do businesses today meet the needs of true customer experience?

Today, more and more companies are adapting the CS concept. But sadly, not everybody grasps the very core of it.

For instance, the CX concept should influence an enterprise-wide customer-centric culture, as Gartner puts it. As a result, customer satisfaction is more met. It then results in loyalty and advocacy to the business.

As important as it is, is as important it should be emphasized.

So how can you make sure you are driving your CX’s full potential? Otherwise, you may be limiting it by any means.

Let us then consider and learn from Gartner. In their blog, they list 3 major components of a successful CX.

Digital Transformation Gartner: Driving Winning CX In 3 Steps

Here are three major steps in winning customer experience (CX).

1. Know What You Need

To be strategic, first things first, you should be clear with your objectives. This involves your major whys of launching a CX program.

In line with this, you can consider:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy
  • Earning customer’s trust

For example:

A CX project successfully reduces operational costs. But the thing is, it compromises the customer factor. 

Isn’t that a good result?

Yes, it is, in line with the business aspect. But, in reality, it fails the very core of the CX project. That is customer relationships.

Today, there are growing efficient companies but with weakening customer relationships. This results in a poor reputation.

How can you avoid such pitfall?

You can avoid this by setting the right goal. A customer-centric goal. Thus, it should deliver what customers need, want, and value.

2. Know The Direction

Secondly, you should know the hows of achieving your goal.

What does it mean?

An ultimate CX project should start with the customers. After all, who is this initiative all about?

Yet, most CX initiatives today start with the executives. Consultancies and agencies, for instance. 

How can you avoid such pitfall?

Avoid the wrong notion of settling with assumptions: You know what the customers need because you think so. You believe it is what delivers value because leaders believe so.

These are not in line with the customer-centric principle. Thus, do otherwise. Start with the customers.

3. Drive It Right

How can you drive it right without the proper and enough resources?

Sadly, many companies do. They ought to raise customer-centric encouragements but without clear resources for doing so.

How can you avoid such pitfall?

Executives should equip their employees with the right CX tools. Of course, this should include enough funding and management. Gather customer insights as accurately as possible, for instance. Perhaps make use of the latest tools that can help you do so.

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