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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Key Trends

What are the key trends for digital transformation in healthcare? And what do these mean for healthcare workers and their patients?

Let us take a look at this article to know more.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital transformation or Dx has a lot of good effects in the sector. It is changing how people get their health and care needs for the better.

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We saw the rise of many health techs because of Dx. Thus, helping not only the workers but also the patients.

The main aim of Dx in healthcare is to:

  • simplify physicians’ work
  • better the systems
  • better the patient outcomes
  • lessen human error
  • lower costs

So, what are the trends we are seeing today?

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Key Trends

On-Demand Healthcare

People today get busier day by day. So, on-demand healthcare means that patients want things:

  • on their preferred time
  • when they are available
  • wherever they want

So, mobile is the answer. Because a lot of patients go to the Internet using their mobile devices. May it be to:

  • look for doctors
  • look for hospitals and medical facilities
  • book medical appointments

Also, doctors can now give on-demand healthcare to patients. This is because we can see a rise in the “gig” industry.

Where an online platform can link doctors and medical facilities. This is so that they match their expertise with the kind of help patients need.

Wearable Medical Devices

The rise of wearable devices is now helping healthcare companies to get health data. And this trend is rising.

This is because people today now want to keep getting updates about their health.

So, companies in the sector are focusing on making these devices. This is so that it is easier for them to check their high-risk patients.

Further, these devices have:

  • Heart rate sensors
  • Exercise trackers
  • Sweat meters
  • Oximeters

Also, these devices can help companies save a lot of money. In the US, it can save them almost a whopping $7 billion a year.

Blockchain e-Health Records

Blockchain got know because of cryptocurrency. But this is not the only place it can be of use.

Blockchain is a digital database of transactions shared in a network of computers. Then, it lets customers exchange info with suppliers in a safe way and there is no need for a third party.

So, healthcare is now making use of this for e-health records (EHR). This is because it needs a safe space so that cybercriminals cannot state vital info.

EHR is very crucial because it is an electronic medical chart with a patient’s:

  • medical history
  • diagnoses
  • treatment plans
  • test result
  • more health records
  • home address
  • past workplace
  • credit card numbers

Virtual Reality

The time has come for virtual reality (VR) to enter the medical scene. VR now changes the way to treat patients.

VR is now used to help patients with chronic pain for example. Not only does it treat pain, but it can also help in:

  • anxiety
  • stroke
  • post-traumatic stress disorder

Also, VR now helps doctors to hone their skills or plan tough surgeries.

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