Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Model

What is a digital transformation model? Keep on reading to know.

Digital Transformation Model

A digital transformation (Dx) model is an organization’s blueprint for digital adoption. It helps to show the outcomes of the organization’s digital strategy and its process for getting there.

A Dx model shows the path for an organization to reach its goals using digital technologies and services. Also, it addresses how to build an inclusive culture in the workplace. The model tells a story about how to reach a specific goal, and it emphasizes how people, processes, tools, and technology all work together to achieve it.

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Aspects of a Digital Transformation Model

The Dx model contains three elements: intent, principles, and artifacts. The intention is the general direction that the organization wants to go in. Also, principles are the core values that the organization needs to incorporate. Then, artifacts are the specific things that the organization will use to get there.

These three elements work together to create a Dx model. They also help to show how an organization can achieve its goals through digital technology. 

The process of creating a digital transformation model is very important. It can help to bring together all areas of an organization and ensure that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction.

How to Make a Digital Transformation Model

There are different ways to create a Dx model. The first method is to use a template. There are many templates available online, and they can be used for inspiration to make one on your own.

The other way to make a Dx model is to start from scratch. This method may take more time and effort, but it allows you to create a model that is unique and meets the specific needs of your organization. 

When creating a Dx model, it’s important to remember that it should be as detailed as possible. It should tell the whole story of your organization’s digital journey, not just the beginning or end of it.

There are three main components to every Dx model: mission, vision, and strategy.

The mission is what the organization wants to achieve with its Dx. Vision is the desired state of the organization after its digital transformation. A strategy is how you will get there from where you are now.

Then, these three elements work together to create a Dx model for your organization or business. 

Everyone in an organization needs to understand the mission, vision, and strategy so that they know what they are working towards. For example, your CEO might have a different vision for the company than your IT department does. So, both groups must know about each other’s ideas so that they can work together towards the same goal instead of working against each other.


A Dx model is important for any organization or business that wants to incorporate digital technology into its daily operations. It’s also necessary for organizations that are moving towards a more digital-based world, which is something that most businesses are doing. 

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