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Digital Transformation People

Digital transformation people are crucial for your transformation journey. Why? And who are they? Read on below to know.

Digital Transformation People

Digital transformation people are the ones who are at the bleeding edge of digital transformation. Their job deals with transforming your traditional business processes and systems into a digital one. They may be part of your digital transformation team or they might be working separately in their own silos. Their job is to understand your business, your current processes, and systems, and design, create and execute new solutions for them.

Digital transformation people are responsible for the following:

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  • They come up with new ideas to innovate and transform your business processes.
  • They can also be product managers, designers, business analysts, or data scientists. This is depending on the nature of the solution that they are working on.
  • They design, build and maintain new systems that will eventually replace your existing ones. Once a solution is there, they make sure it runs well.
  • Also, they are the ones who bridge the ‘gap’ between your business and technology.
  • They are also all about bridging the gap between old and new paradigms.
  • They are also responsible for ‘breaking down’ your old processes into smaller chunks. Or just replacing them completely with new systems. 
  • They are also dedicated to transforming your business using technology.

Digital Transformation People: Who Are They?

Chief Digital Officers (CDO)

Chief Digital Officers are responsible for transforming your business by using digital, IT, or technology solutions. They are usually responsible for setting up an overall digital strategy. However, the reality is that they usually just deal with technology-related issues.

They work closely with CIOs and other executives to ensure the smooth running of your business. Also, they are responsible for ensuring that your company’s digital strategy is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Business Analysts & Data Scientists (BA/DS)

Business analysts and data scientists are at the forefront of your transformation journey. They deal with transforming your company’s data into useful information that can be used by you and other executives to make informed decisions. They also use analytics tools and software to help them detect patterns from your company’s data to help you make decisions based on it.  

Business Analysts focus on strategic insights whereas Data Scientists focus on predictive insights. Both of them use different tools and techniques to provide you with the right information at the right time.  

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect is responsible for designing and maintaining your organization’s cloud infrastructure. They make sure that your company’s applications run smoothly in the cloud. 

There are three types of cloud architectures: private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. This person will see which of the three your company can benefit from the most.

Security Officer

Security Officer is responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of your company’s data. They will make sure that all your company’s data and systems are secured from hackers and other cybercriminals.

Security Officer has a strong technical background. They usually have a lot of experience in designing, building, and maintaining secure systems. 

So, do you have these people?

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