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ING Digital Transformation: What We Can Learn

There is a lot to learn from the ING digital transformation. In the banking sector, their transformation was one of the best.

And this is important because the banking scene is now changing fast. Gone are the days when retail banks can control their customers.

Today, customers now have the say in what service they need and want. Thus, there is now a clear power shift.

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With this in mind, ING did a very timely digital transformation (Dx). That is why digital banks like them are now getting traction.

So, what can we learn from ING? Let us take a closer look.

ING Digital Transformation

Listening is a Must

What did ING first do? Listen. They listened to both their over 400 million customers and over 50,000 employees.

Yes, they had over 200 innovators at that time. But they not only gathered ideas from them. They listened to everyone.

Why is this crucial? Listening and knowing the needs of both employees can customers is very helpful.

Knowing their needs can help you find useful solutions. This is what led to ING rolling out their services for small business owners. They let them get a loan in less than ten minutes.

Test Out New Waters

After listening to customers and employees, ING focused on finding solutions. So, testing out new waters is what they did with their Dx.

To drive this, they made a culture of test-and-learn. As a result, it helped them go where there are now.

Today, they are now one of the leading digital banks. This is because they stepped outside their walls. A trial-and-error proved to be effective.

So, go ahead and follow ING’s steps. Get outside your comfort zone. Find new ways to engage and serve customers.

One example of what they did was to partner up with gas stations. With this, they aimed to ease up payments.

Focus on the Target

One of ING’s best traits was the ability to focus. Once the target was locked, they were unshakeable.

So, they took a hybrid approach to reach this faster. How? By combining the best traits of:

  • agile
  • lean
  • start-up
  • design-thinking

Next, they made consistent changes all over their company. Meaning, they left no area behind.

Further, they trained their staff. They stressed to them the value of Dx. And helped them get the skills needed for a successful Dx.

Then, they laid out to them the goals they wanted to reach. As a result, they can help the company in its journey. A win-win situation, indeed.

So, to succeed, you will also need to be unshakable. Focus on reach your target. Then, make changes along the way if needed. But do not change the goal.

ING Digital Transformation: What Did You Learn?

So, what did you learn from ING’s Dx? What do you still need to do to boost your Dx efforts?

If you are stuck, you can get the help of WalkMe. They are today’s leading digital adoption platform. With them, you can feel confident your journey will succeed.

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