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Digital Transformations in Business

Read more about digital transformations in business in this article. What does that imply for you personally? Let’s look into it more. Simply keep reading.

Overview of Digital Transformations in Business

When it comes to digital transformation, it’s good to focus on this digital aspect. Processes and procedures, rather than change.

The notion that you can use the appropriate technology. It’s also fun to easily increase value.

Yet, digital transformation merely entails altering the way teams collaborate. This isn’t the type of equipment they utilized to complete the work.

While each company’s digital transformation is unique. Many key characteristics are shared by digital businesses:


Each employee of the company is deeply involved in achieving a common goal. It entails collaborating to foster trust at all parts of the company and across groups. In addition, motivating trust and communicating with workers is crucial.

Specifics on Culture

It must abandon outdated procedures and market structures. Staff motivation to make decisions and offer suggestions.

Mobile Phone

Users want to feel at ease in the company. They’ll have to be on their phones as a result of this. You can get more than one-third of all page views by using this method.


Cloud-based tools are flexible and easy to use. Allow businesses to choose the ones that best suit their needs. It also improves the value of their information technology and services.

A Unique Method

This is something that digital companies are always attempting. It’s also important to learn from the results. To notify the company of significant developments.


It isn’t a schedule with a start and finish date. Technology will continue to advance throughout time. Also, new approaches will undergo adjustments.

As a result, you must continue to learn and improve.

Why Start A Digital Transformation In Business?

Why should a company embark on a digital transformation?

We’re sure you’ll all agree that this is critical. As well as being required for the digital shift.

Yet, you may not believe it is critical.

Your users are delighted your team is successful, even if the sales are big. Also, the best time to begin a resource-intensive endeavor.

The fact that the procedures don’t appear to be ideal right now is going to shake things up.

There are a few reasons for adopting the online world soon.


People are drawn to digital companies because of their visibility. As well as excellent interaction and teaching techniques.

Boost your Performance

Companies can anticipate a 23 percent increase in sales. As a result of the introduction of digital technologies.

Methods, for example, can be used to make informed decisions. As well as employee training for ever-changing systems.

The More Power, the Better

A digital company has built power. By altering the workplace atmosphere as well as the services. Why?

For hard methods and static systems. Since it may result in the emergence of new demands, which will require adaptation.

Getting Out of the Competitive World

Many businesses desire their current supply to continue to increase indefinitely. They’ll then have to fight to change once it’s closed.

So, make a change by pursuing long-term growth opportunities.

As a result, many businesses seek assistance from DX experts.

WalkMe, for instance, is a digital adoption platform. Since then, it has pushed multinational corporations to accelerate their digital deployment.

Visit to learn more.

Digital Transformation

Global Digital Transformation

What is global digital transformation? How does it affect our society nowadays? Let us explore more to have more ideas on the topic.


When it comes to transitioning your firm to an online store, you will need further help. Especially if you are not familiar with the business.

It is possible to include it in your services as well.

You will need help in this area if you do it this way. But is this really possible?

In this article, we will learn more about a firm that can help us in this area.

We will all be aware of the services they provide. It is crucial because we will study what will happen once you choose them.

The Global Digital Transformation

In 2018, a company was formed to assist the company in becoming a part of its industry by digital change.

Their goal is to help your company grow. This is done by the merging of their operations into new technology.

As a result of their hard work, they will now have a foundation. They will stay on course for their goal.

Updating Networks

It will determine the longevity of your company.

So having a firm and using it will be beneficial to you. It will also serve as a bonus feature.

Take, for example, online purchasing. Prior to then, you must wait in line to purchase. Because of the expansion, you can also shop directly.

They will then deliver it to you in the comfort of your own home.

Deals of this nature would be possible as a result of global digital transformation.

Clients Digital Activities

They lean on the company’s most critical part. The worth of the client in whatever action they perform is a crucial part they discover.

Once the customer is happy, the firm will gain the happiness it deserves.

It would also be awesome if they took care of their comfort and proper support all through the digital transition. Since users will be happier as a result of this.

The Branding Method

They will provide services to help you in becoming experts in the field.

You have no idea what aspects may require you to take a break and attempt again. Those were quite important.

Your firm’s current and future performance determined how well you execute your strategy. So, preparation will help you be more adaptable. Especially when it comes to being flexible.

When you have workers, you will need to teach them how to properly educate them on the concerns. This is something that Global Digital Transformation can help you with.

They will support you if you start to use this method. Similarly, there can be assistance if you begin your operations.


The term “global digital transformation” refers to a company. It can help you if it is for online selling.

Besides that, they will assist you with the specific parts. It is to maintain the stability of your firm.

You can ask WalkMe for assistance as well. Given that they are the most popular platform for digital adoption nowadays.

Digital Adoption Expert Digital Transformation

A Deeper Look At Digital Transformation Officer

The number of companies appointing a chief digital transformation officer (CTO) grows rapidly. Let’s find out more about this CTO role.

The reason why companies create that role? Drive change and growth.

What Is A Chief Digital Transformation Officer?

The role name is abbreviated as CTO, not to be confused with the Chief Technology Officer. It is a C-suite position responsible for implementing organizational changes. Furthermore, the purpose of those changes is to drive new growth. 

For instance, both logistics group UPS and luxury retailer Neiman Marcus appointed their first-ever CTOs in November 2018. Here are a few of their responsibilities:

  • Commercialize new ideas
  • Spearhead growth initiatives
  • Facilitate change management

Afterward, another US retailer also appointed their first CTO in January 2019. The CTO is responsible for developing strategic initiatives for the 116-year-old company.

Such positions are not entirely new. However, digital transformation (DT) leadership positions grow because of the increasing digital disruptions across all industries. Furthermore, research by DBT Center reported that more than 75% of executives now believe that disruptions will bring major changes to their respective companies.

This shows that digital transformation runs at a very fast pace. Moreover, executives feel their impact more lately.

Key Tasks Of A Chief Digital Transformation Officer

A CTO must be prepared to directly oversee or facilitate the following tasks. That is to successfully mobilize resources and enable connections.

Customer journey mapping

A CTO must understand how the customer journey impacts mapping and analysis. Furthermore, the CTO) must regularly assess himself/herself on creating innovative ideas. They must continuously think of ways on how to better connect with consumers. Moreover, a CTO is responsible for developing ways of providing smoother customer service.

Business architecture

A CTO maps how the resources of companies relate to one another. The CTO also ensures he/she has a deep understanding of the roles of each team and individuals. Hence, the CTO can better orchestrate the resources needed when change is necessary.

Communications and training

CTOs are also teachers. They develop ways on how to effectively train employees on DT. Furthermore, a CTO educates the company members on why the company needs to transform. A CTO educates members of all levels of the organization.

Internal venture funding

CTOs are also responsible for setting up funds for digital transformation. They create persuasive reports for stakeholders. Furthermore, the stakeholders must realize that the investment for DT is worth it.

Business model design

A CTO must well understand customer expectations. Moreover, the CTO must have insights into what the customer will pay for. Hence, a solid foundation in competitive intelligence is a must for this task. 

Capability assessment

A CTO assesses the readiness and availability of the organization’s resources. The CTO also identifies the capability gaps before those gaps create damages. Hence, this results in prioritizing investments to close the gaps.


If your company recently appointed a chief digital transformation officer, strive in building a strong rapport. That is between the CTO role and division and functional leaders. The job titles and roles might be different. But all leaders have one goal for DT. That is to have a successful DT that will generate more revenue and make the consumers happier. 

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation in Industries

Steps On Your Digital Transformation Journey

By now you might be thinking about how to start your digital transformation journey. We’ll provide in this article steps on how to start DT. 

The cycle for companies is constant: create value, monetize value, and defend value. This is a repetitive cycle. However, the way a company goes about this cycle changes over time. Let’s take an example.

Twenty years ago, a movie producer relies on instinct, experience, or basic market research. That is to find out what type of movies the audience likes. Today, Netflix uses technology like big data to determine what movies you like. 

But not just that. Netflix uses data to see when you prefer to watch those movies. Moreover, the company determines your attention span for these movies.

How Digital Transformation Affects Creating Value

We saw from the example above one of the huge benefits DT brings. The digital era changed the way how companies create, monetize, and communicate value. This change is called digital transformation (DT). Furthermore, companies that implement DT enjoy a competitive edge.

Meanwhile, companies that failed to act in implementing DT will suffer financially sooner or later. They could end up either getting acquired or liquidated. Hence, DT is essential for your business if you want to survive.

How To Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

There is a lot of work to do before starting your digital transformation journey. That is regardless of your size or standing. Thus, there is no other time than now to start your digital transformation journey. Check out the steps below on how to begin your DT journey.

Determine What “Digital” Means To Your Company

The first step before implementing DT is to find out what it means to your company. There is no one-size-fits-all DT strategy. Furthermore, every company has its unique needs and problems. Therefore, you must first determine via auditing the challenges your company face. Afterward, determine what digital solutions suit best in achieving your goals. 

Establish How Your Company Will Go Digital

There are many DT approaches you can implement. These could range from front-end transformation such as products and customer experiences. Moreover, DT also ranges from back-end transformation such as cloud and IT infrastructure. 

Companies redesign products and experiences to develop digital solutions. This is often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, most companies now rely on digital ecosystems such as the cloud to improve collaboration. Also, companies make money from these digital ecosystems by using data to analyze consumer behavior.

Moreover, 81% of companies intend to transform operations and factories. That is to better leverage cutting-edge innovations. Furthermore, companies also focus on building IT infrastructure.

It is up to you if you want to apply all the strategies above. It also depends on you what approach you’ll use. Whatever it is, always keep in mind that digital solutions are a means to an end. You must not lose sight of the end goal. That is providing value to your customers and shareholders.

Make Executive Buy-In A Priority 

It is crucial that you have the support of the higher-ups in this process. They must actively engage in the process.

Find A Digital Transformation Partner

It is most likely that you have the skills needed for implementing DT. That’s where a digital transformation comes in. Their expertise will guide you throughout your digital transformation journey.

Execute the Plan

Clearly communicate the plan to the whole company. Adequate training is a must in preparing them. Afterward, execute your plan.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation in Industries

Prepare For Digital Transformation of HR

The HR department is constantly changing and evolving. In this article, let’s dive deeper into the digital transformation of HR. 

It’s difficult to track every new trend that emerges in HR. Yet, all of those changes mean one thing: the HR department that relies on the manual process is on its way out. Furthermore, most processes are now automated and data-driven. In short, the digital transformation (DT) of HR now changes how the department does things.

What The Statistics Show

Digital transformation of HR is happening to businesses, big or small. Capterra’s 2019 Top Technology Trends survey revealed that 80% of U.S. small businesses now use HR software. Moreover, those small businesses said that they plan to use such software for the next one to two years. 

Those businesses solely relied on traditional HR methods such as file cabinets. They saw the need and the benefits of the digital transformation of HR. And your business must also see that, too. Yet, don’t panic if you still haven’t started.

DT is not an overnight process. You still need to assess several things first before planning for DT. Otherwise, you risk failing your DT initiative. But first, let’s define what the digital transformation of HR is.

Digital Transformation of HR Defined

This process is the implementation and use of technology to improve HR processes. DT for HR has two main goals:

  • Automate HR processes to save time and money
  • Collect and analyze data from those processes to make more data-driven decisions.

DT of HR can help your company in a million ways. For instance, an applicant tracking system (ATS) automatically filters out bad candidates. The software uses keywords and data from your high-performing employees. This greatly saves time as you won’t need to read every single resume from every applicant.

Onboarding software also completely automates and digitizes the onboarding process. Furthermore, the DT for HR enables leaders to see better how their employees perform. This results in more well-informed promotion decisions.

Those are just a few benefits of implementing the digital transformation of HR. In other words, it involves transforming paper-driven processes to technology-driven processes. Sounds great, right? Yet, DT for HR is a complex and demanding process.

Assess Your Company Before Implementing Digital Transformation

Adapting to changes is urgent. Many companies see that urgency. For instance, a Gartner survey reveals that 67% of business leaders said that they must implement significant digital changes this year or else they would no longer be competitive.

However, you shouldn’t rush DT. Otherwise, it will fail. Before you start a DT for HR project, check first if you meet these:

  • You have a human resources information system (HRIS). It is a core software used to maintain a database of your employees. This is crucial since HRIS is the foundation of all your DT for HR initiatives.
  • You have at least 50 employees. This is not an absolute necessity for all businesses. Typically, you won’t fully reap the benefits of DT unless you have 50 employees.
  • A formal IT department. They will serve as your partner throughout the process.
  • You must have data literacy skills. Without it, gathering tons of employee data is pointless.
  • Have a clear internal goal. 
Digital Adoption Expert Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Blog Worth Reading

People have different reactions when they hear the words “digital transformation”. A digital transformation blog gives us invaluable insight.

Digital transformation (DT) includes incorporating digital technologies into all organizational aspects. Furthermore, DT greatly transforms business processes and how they serve clients. Yet, DT is not a one-time process. Thus, it is a continuous process and companies must measure their progress regularly. 

Hence, DT is a must for all businesses regardless of their size. Saying “DT is a must for survival” is not an understatement – it is a fact. Indeed, DT is a complex process. However, it gives immeasurable benefits both for the organization and the clients they serve. 

Best Blogs To Follow About Digital Transformation

Reading a digital transformation blog helps us better understand DT.  A digital transformation blog provides updated insights about DT. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the list for you. Take note that this list is in no particular order.

Forrester Blogs: “Challenge Thinking. Lead Change

Leading a DT process is a heavy responsibility. Hence, Forrester helps technology and business leaders such as chief information officers. Moreover, Forrester provides insights on how to develop “customer-obsessed strategies”. Furthermore, the blogs by Forrester guide leaders to deal with advanced changes brought by DT.

Axway Blogs

Want to stay updated on the latest digital business transformation trends? The Axway Blog is the way to go. Moreover, Axway delivers the latest industry trends and news related to DT. Furthermore, Axway provides insights and covers interesting topics like:

  • Agile approaches to integration
  • Shadow IT
  • Digital transformation in healthcare

Starcio Blogs

Written by Isaac Sacolick, Starcio Blogs focuses on:

  • Agile development
  • Big data
  • Data science
  • Digital marketing

Sacolick is a top 100 social CIO and digital transformation leader. Furthermore, his DT blogs are one of the most insightful and helpful on this list.

Centric Digital Blogs

Centric Digital dominates the DT industry. Hence, the company reshapes business models and customer experiences. Moreover, they help traditional businesses to grow in the digital era.

Informatica Blogs

Informatica is a leading provider of data management solutions. The company specializes in cloud, hybrid environments. Meanwhile, the blogs they publish provides DT and leadership tips for CIOs. Furthermore, Informatica Blogs are helpful both for CIOs looking to start the process or ensure that DT goes smoothly.

Cisco Blogs: “Tomorrow Starts Here”

The digital world has a very promising future that contains many huge opportunities. Cisco helps businesses seize those opportunities. Moreover, the company proves that amazing things happen when you connect the unconnected. Furthermore, Cisco blogs also gesture innovative businesses and leaders to guide readers.

MuleSoft Blogs

MuleSoft breaks the norm in how the world connects data and applications. Their blogs analyze every angle of digital transformation. Their blogs focus on the implied impacts of DT on revenue to recent trends. If you are looking for an in-depth digital transformation blog, MuleSoft is the way to go.

Plainview Blogs

Planning digital transformation is tough but driving it is totally another issue. Plainview helps organizations drive results. They optimize the capacity of economic resources and the capacity of people. Furthermore, their blogs are plenty of info and tips that help CIOs drive DT.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Statistics You Should Care About

All organizations must apply digital transformation (DT) to survive. Studying digital transformation statistics gives invaluable insight.

DT involves removing outdated tactics and using technologies for true innovation. However, many companies find it hard to abandon their traditional strategies. These strategies were with the company for decades and were once successful. Yet, one harsh truth is nostalgia often doesn’t promote innovation.

Quick Fixes Only Offer Quick Relief

For instance, contact centers struggle to keep up with digital improvements. That is true, especially in their processes and technology. A few years ago, only 36% of contact centers used cloud technology. Furthermore, many contact centers often turn to quick fixes that are insufficient in covering bigger issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic made those quick fixes fall apart. Moreover, pandemic forced companies to utilize digital tools. Contact centers that were already using cloud technology adapted faster without their customers noticing. Meanwhile, other contact centers are on the move in ditching their once-successful business models.

Must-Know Forrester Digital Transformation Statistics

Indeed, navigating DT is no easy task. But it is a must for your business to survive. Studying digital transformation statistics will help you navigate this complex era.

Until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation

This year, every company will incorporate technology into every part of their business. The COVID-19 pandemic put ahead companies that successfully apply DT. These companies transitioned to remote work smoothly without affecting customer service. Hence, they benefited from their early efforts.

Meanwhile, the other 85% had to work extra hard to keep up with changes. The changes are rapid and demand skyrocketed. Furthermore, all companies will prioritize tech advancement next year.

Remote work predicted to rise by 300%

All industries are affected by the pandemic. Thus, most companies shift to a hybrid work model. Hence, your business model for DT must be strong. Cloud-based technologies will greatly help your employees in transition. Furthermore, modernization attracts new talent since new employees expect a work-from-home anywhere culture.

Marketing efforts on brand loyalty and retention will increase by 30%

Customer experience is now the main focus for most companies. That was not the case before. Most companies haven’t improved their customer service for nearly 25 years. However, many finally realize that customer service is what matters most for long-term success. Furthermore, customers today demand:

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • ease

Moreover, customers recently began expecting more care and attention. Hence, it is important to always listen to your customers. Modify your strategies according to their changing needs. Furthermore, equip your agents with the tools they need for providing superb customer service.

10% of budgets will go to emotion analytics

One example of this is sentiment analytics. The emotional drive is mostly the main reason why customers make a purchase. Emotions drive more purchases than rational thought. Hence, you need to put more effort to know why your customers are buying. Furthermore, measure customer sentiment in applying DT.

Think through what else you can measure. This will give you a full picture of your customers. Hence, you can now adjust your digital tools to make their experience better. 

Digital Transformation

Steps In Applying Agile Digital Transformation

Technology and consumer behavior changes rapidly. It is to the point that it endangers big companies. An agile digital transformation is key.

It is not easy to evolve and achieve an agile digital transformation. It comes with several problems and challenges needed to be addressed and overcome. The Keenfolks divides those challenges into three categories:

  1. Organizational
  • Culture shift
  • Structural changes
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Role changes
  1. Talent architecture
  • Lack of skills
  • Talent recruitment
  • Employees engagement
  • HR policies
  1. Technology
  • Innovations
  • Balancing the risks
  • Absence of technology strate4gy
  • Low technology adoption level

Furthermore, company leaders struggle to see which is the most significant disruptor. That is due to so many emerging technologies and trends. Moreover, they find it difficult to identify what to protect against. Additionally, they struggle to determine where there is an opportunity. Substantial evidence is not enough to spare organizations from disruptions.

Adopt Agile Digital Transformation – How?

Moreover, having an innovation department is not enough. An agile digital transformation (DT) is the ability of companies to adapt to the ever-changing demands of consumers. Moreover, it also includes how companies adapt to new technologies, threats, and other disruptive changes.

Hence, every area in the company must be flexible and agile so the whole company will grow. You’ll see in this article steps in implementing an agile digital transformation.

Change The Mindset Of Company Leadership

Leadership is critical for all organizations. However, it is even more critical in an agile company. The leadership style in agile organizations is different from others. Moreover, leadership could either be the biggest enabler for cultural change. Yet, leadership could also hinder cultural change.

Leaders need to change their mindset and behaviors. That is a must if they want to lead an agile company. Furthermore, they must support and assist teams in new ways. Hence, agility within the organization primarily comes from leadership.

Identify The Purpose  

It is impossible to implement an agile DT without having clear goals. The main goal of a successful agile DT aligns with the organizational goals. Yet, organizations must keep their key focus customer-centric. Moreover, agile companies understand that providing value to consumers is a priority.

Apply The Necessary Principles and Practices.

The market is complex, uncertain, and evolving rapidly. An agile organization is prepared to face such changes. Furthermore, companies must apply these principles to enable adaptability and flexibility.

  1. Customer-centric to deliver value

The customer is always right. They will decide what makes or breaks your organization. Hence, companies must clearly define their customers. Moreover, companies must consistently deliver value and delight to their customers. 

  1. Cross-department collaboration

All teams within an organization must have a shared focus on achieving regular goals. Furthermore, teams of an agile organization are adaptable to achieve their team mission. Moreover, companies with agility understand that teamwork and versatility are crucial. Yes, crucial in this complex and evolving environment. 

  1. A transparent approach to information

Companies must make information readily available. This results in teams making well-informed decisions. Moreover, data transparency gives members into customer behavior as clear as possible.

  1. Transform your Teams in an Agile Way

Also, companies must equip teams with tools needed for self-management and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Initiative to Ponder

Digital transformation initiative. There are lots of things you can do. But what are the top initiatives that you need to ponder upon today?

Lots of companies in every sector are already doing digital transformation or Dx. But the rise of the COVID-19 pushed everyone to do a Dx.

Thus, companies today need to make sure their Dx is effective. And will aid them in these trying times.

This has become vital more than ever because more stores are closing. Also, lots of companies are seeing a dip in their revenue.

In short, finding the right initiative will help companies survive the hit in the economy. Though it may not be as booming as before the pandemic, it doing an effective Dx will help them get by.

So, what are the top Dx initiatives to ponder? Let us take a look.

Digital Transformation Initiative

Focus on Customer Experience

Customers are the ones to determine the success of businesses. So, you need to put your focus on giving them the best customer experience.

Even before the pandemic, this is already a fact. And it has become more true today. Companies need to think about their customer’s welfare.

So, one of the first things to ponder when doing Dx is changing the driving force. From it being the products to it being the customer experience.

Then, you need to ask yourself: “How does our product make things easier for our customers?”

So, to find the right answer, it is vital to gather feedback from them. Then, keep on growing depending on their feedback.

Leave Silos for Agile

Employees today are all doing their job at remote places. So, a lot of them are looking for smart ways to collaborate, meet, and whatnot.

Thus, having agile practices become more and more crucial. This drives team members to work together better. And more teams are working with other teams more than ever

.So, what you can do is to drive DevOps style practices with all your IT operations.

Make “Everything as a Service” (XaaS)

Lots of companies are now adding “aaS” to about any kind of web-based on-demand service. So, now is the time to jump into the XaaS train.

With the pandemic showing no sign of stopping, XaaS can be very helpful for companies. One example is the rise of big events going digital with “Events as a Service.”

So, companies making use of this can become more agile even in this situation.

Thus, the key is to find the right platform and apps that are fit for your business. 

Find Ways to Automate

If you have projects on hold, think of what you can automate to aid in finishing them. Start by experimenting with a simple task by using techs like:

  • mobile apps
  • native cloud automation 

Then, if you are ready, you can then try:

Digital Transformation Initiative Are Vital

When you make full use of these four Dx initiatives, it can help you a lot in this hard situation. What are you planning to do first?