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Digital Transformation Strategy PDF: How To Boost Your Strategy

Learn from this list of digital transformation strategy PDF. This post will outline the best strategies for achieving a winning digital transformation strategy.

Digital Transformation Strategy PDF: Boosting Strategies

Consider the following ways of boosting your digital transformation strategy.

1. Make use of today’s digital technologies

Bring your business closer to people.


One way of doing so is making use of today’s digital technologies that will help you do so. This way, you can attract the right customers. These ways should help your target customers engage in your digital space.

With what results?

By doing so, you are doing more than just revamping your business methods. Because adaptation should also improve your business efficiency. In addition, it can also help you build your business value.

How can you do so?

Consider the following tips that can help you.
  • Project management tools– these tools can equip your teams for more achievements. Besides, it can help them boost their productivity. This way, time and resources are better allocated. For instance, you can use known PM tools like Trello, Wrike, and Asana.
  • Time tracking tools– these tools can help your workers assess their productivity. In the same way, you can keep track of theirs also. Therefore, it can help them improve their performance. There is a good variety of time tracking tools available in the market. For example, there are TimeCamp, Toogl, Tick, and HubStaff.
  • Social media management tools- content creation is easier done with the help of these tools. Moreover, you can even schedule them in advance. This allows smart marketing. Perhaps you can check out Hubspot’s Social Tool, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.

2. Ensure Cybersecurity

Especially in the wake of the pandemic, cybersecurity has been a buzzword.

Today, security is learned to be more than just a could-have, but a must-have. Because sadly, still, companies take security for granted. They know it is important. But mostly is not considered as a priority.

However, for a truly successful DX, prioritize security. The cloud may be promising and vast in opportunities. But hackers and malicious actors are too. 

Of course, you surely don’t want to disrupt your initiatives by the negligence of it.

So what can you do?

Consider the following tips that can help you.
  • Regularly change passwords– this may sound so basic but it works. This practice should also be part of an enterprise-wide culture. So make sure to teach all employees to do so. Make it a part of your InfoSec Policy to stress its importance.
  • Equip all networks with VPNs- virtual private networks can help you protect your networks. This is especially beneficial when your employees connect through public connections (Wi-Fi)
  • Install Google Chrome’s Ad Blocker- this is a cheap yet secured cybersecurity feature of your browsers. This enhances your protection while using the internet. For instance, it can significantly minimize the number of bugs that can infiltrate your systems.
  • Use two-factor authentication on e-mail accounts- e-mail phishing is ever rampant and is consistent. So using 2FA systems can help boost your security. Perhaps you can use Google Authenticator and Authy.