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What Does Digital Transformation Mean For Small Businesses?

What does digital transformation mean for small businesses?

DX In Every Industry

Digital transformation or DX is the application of digital technologies to create or modify business processes. It then influences the way a company behaves, and how it delivers customer service.

Thus, DX is vital. It helps businesses meet the changing business landscape. For instance, it can help them stay competitive with their competitors’ games.

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However, some might think that DX can only be applied to Fortune 500 companies. There is the wrong notion of having DX as a luxury, instead of a necessity.

But, really?

The truth is, everyone needs to adapt. Otherwise, they may fall into obsolescence. No matter how stable their business is today.

In fact, digital transformation is even more important for small businesses. 

The Inspiring Netflix Story

Consider Netflix. 

Netflix first started as a mail-order service. It then turned into being a brick-and-mortar video rental. But now, where is Netflix?

Netflix is now America’s “over-the-top content platform and production company”.

This is made possible because of their adaption to digital innovations. Then allowing them to have wide-scale streaming now reaching across the globe. 

Besides, adapting digital helped Netflix get to know more about their market. For instance, they have gained deeper insights into their user’s viewing habits and preferences.

Today, Netflix is growing through data. This influences design, implementation, and features that they offer.

So what is the point?

Digital transformation can help SMB’s see opportunities on a wider scale. DX can also help them broaden their horizon in the digital era. Thus, help them make more informed decisions that can help them leverage business and thrive.

How Can Small Businesses Start Digital Transformation?

Basically, there are three major areas where DX can begin. 


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service

Let us see more in each of these areas.

1. Marketing

Since the global pandemic, marketers now see more relevance of digital marketing in making a business thrive amidst the pandemic. Although digital marketing has been around for years but is declining. But the pandemic increases the surge of its demand.

Why is digital marketing effective?

  • More targeted
  • Cost-effective
  • Better efficiency
  • Easily measurable

So how can small businesses adapt?

Consider the following tips where you can start:
  • Create your website
  • Plan your contents or posts
  • Be visible as possible in search
  • Market your social media presence
  • Make use of paid search and paid social
  • Automate chat responses
  • Create videos
  • Lead nurturing campaigns

2. Sales

The pandemic causes barriers in on-premises sales. So how can SMB’s adapt?

Perhaps you can include video snippets in your emails or newsletters. Yes. Why not turn written content into video content?

Besides, a lot of benefits from AI tools. Highly interactive CRM tools like HubSpot’s Sales Hub. It can help SMBs make sales rep more efficient. Not to mention how it can also help you tailor CX accordingly through analytics.

3. Customer Service

Lastly, DX should never be complete without customer service.

So what can SMBs do?

Perhaps is to equip their customer service reps with the latest tools. For instance, you can target your marketing budget.

Another is to wittingly show your customers why they need you through stories. You can do so through your websites and social media profiles. For example, you can showcase how others benefit from your products and services. This will likely lead them into you.

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